Thursday, July 08, 2010

Video game number one hundred and ninety five: Blacklight Tango Down

Video game review number one hundred and ninety five in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Blacklight: Tango Down".

Much like Battlefield 1943, this is another multiplayer exclusive first person shooter on Xbox Live Arcade. Much like my review of that one from back in Feburary...I'm a not a fan. I am a firm believer in the fact that shooters like this one need an offline campaign to get you familiar with the game, and "ready" to play multiplayer.

Sure, I loved the Halo Reach Multiplayer beta, but that's because I've been playing Halo for years. I was familiar with the universe, and ready to jump in without any training. Even though there were new weapons and levels, I didn't need to "learn" it. Blacklight Tango Down is a brand new game, and getting immediately thrown into the multiplayer (with no option to learn anything first) is a big turnoff for me.

In my first match in this game, I went 8-19 (kills to deaths). My team still won by three points despite my piss-poor performance, so I was able to earn the "noob" achievement....but I don't really feel like I accomplished very much.

From time to time...I have "Halo parties" at my house. The folks that show up to these are generally big fans of the game, who bring their systems and sometimes their televisions. We hook them all up to a network and play some big 16 player matches. Without fail, there are always a few people who come to these parties who don't play Halo at all, they just like parties. They are usually the "easy kills", and a kill to death ratio of 8-19 would probably be pretty impressive for them.

Unless a game is awesome (like Call of Duty or something), I'm not comfortable jumping right into the multiplayer and getting owned. It would be like playing Street Fighter 4 in the arcades against someone who's awesome as you continued to lose your cash. I'd rather ramp my skills up before joining competitive modes. This game doesn't offer I'm out.

Overall score? 4/10. For an arcade title, this is actually pretty robust as far as the multiplayer goes. Fairly nice graphics, but frankly....I'm not willing to spend any time with it. There's no campaign here, and if I'm going to play competitive multiplayer, there's nothing more compelling here for me than there is in a ton of games I already own (and would rather play). While I can appreciate what they're trying to do here, I don't anticipate playing this one again.

Achievement? I'm a noob.

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