Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Writing with the cell from

Writing with the cell from vegas. The trip was cool but still have one day to go. Updates when I get home

Thursday, July 15, 2004


It's almost time for the trip.
I have exactly 3 work days and about two hours to go before I'll be done with work for a good solid week and a half. That's great news.
Why have I not been updating the blog? I don't know. Maybe the newness wore off. Maybe the fact that no one reads it made it a low priority. Maybe the fact that ONLY my close friends seem to be reading it made it a low priority (in that they already know all this stuff). Nevertheless, I decided to update today.
I'm really excited about San Diego. I'm excited about having time off work primarily. I'm excited about the weather. I'm excited about trying out the new Biker Scout armor. Wearing the Cobra costume for the first time. Seeing a few movie stars. Buying some cool Star Wars toys. Hanging out with friends. Checking out all the costumes. Lying by the pool and drinking the occasional alocholic beverage........and all of this before we ever even get to Vegas.

Vegas is a whole different story. I love that place and if I could find a way to make it make sense, I'd live there. I heard they're building condos on top of the MGM grand....and man, I'd jump in line for those things so fast if I could. Unfortunately I have a job in the real world which prevents that. Plus I heard that studios are going to start around 500k so it's insane anyway.
Anyway...right after Comic Con, we're on the way there. Wow is that going to be great. We'll lounge at the pool, eat at buffets, gamble, drink and generally get to participate in just about all of the 7 deadly sins in one place. Plus...there's a new Star Trek thing and a new ride at the Stratosphere I want to check out.
I can't wait.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Killing Gummy Bears

I didn't really take a lunch break today at work, but I microwaved some pizza....and later for dessert I had a little bag of Gummy Bears from the vending machine.

Gummy Bears are much more fun to play with than they actually are to eat.

Thanks to cell phone technology, you can actually see the bears in action. Here they are trying to spell out "Gummy Bears!" on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, the one that was going to be the exclamation point died before he finished the mission. Shortly afterwards, several of his comrades were beheaded and then devoured by a great enemy.

Please mourn the bears.

Oh all right...

Here are the pictures of the Scout and Snowtrooper boots.

Did another show tonight. Had a couple of listeners. That's cool for not being around for 2 or 3 months.

Maybe I'll do another one tomorrow. Still LOTS to do on the costumes, but I think it can be finished this weekend.

I just downloaded the Paris and Long Beach tracks on Project Gotham Racing 2 for 4.99 each, then played for an hour on them with Bullschmidt and others. That's the first downloadable content I've ever bought on Xbox Live. Here's hoping I get 10 dollars worth of fun out of it in the future.


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Night of milestones

Tonight, I:

Did the first new radio show in over 2 months! Visit to check that out.

Finished my Boots and holster for my Scout costume.
Finished the straps on Heather's boots for her snowtrooper.
Used black ABS glue for the first time.
Got black ABS glue all over my floor and my elbow.
Painted Heather's E-11 blaster black.
Primed my Scout blaster, scope and Tank piece.

I am SO darn close to done, it's not even funny.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Where did the weekend go?

I had a great weekend, but it went by too fast. Saturday was that Star Wars in the park thing, Sunday I got up in the morning and started house cleaning with Heather...then at about 5pm we headed over to Justin's for the 4th. We brought a bunch of steaks and brats, so we had lots to BBQ. The fireworks were awesome as usual and I got just toasted enough to enjoy myself. We didn't get to bed until about 3am. Yesterday was more working on the costumes. I bought these 50 dollar craft tables (which was actually a really good deal for 8 foot tables) and we worked downstairs from noon until about 9pm. Heather's snowtrooper is ALMOST done and the still needs work. It's getting close though.

Today was just like a Monday and I had trouble waking up. least there are only 5 hours to go in the work day. :-) I can really use some rest.

Only 15 days until vacation!!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Darth Buckethead

Had a blast watching Star Wars. Spent the first part of the evening in armor (man was it hot tonight) and then chilled out in the 6.99 line chairs I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond the other night for Spiderman. Those things are really comfy for something that folds up and stuffs into a sack. Jason and Julie had the super deluxe 30 dollar costco chairs though....and apparently they are much better. Maybe someday, I'll get the Costco chairs. :-)

There was also costume contest (which we abstained from) and the winner in the adult category was a very interesting character we named Darth Buckethead. He'll be pictured below.

Definitely a fun night.

Here's the group shot of just about everyone that attended in costume:

I'm the tall one:

The infamous: Darth Buckethead

Off to bed, it's officially the 4th of July now, and I need to get some sleep so as to be able to party down tomorrow night!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Star Wars in the park

So, I'm supposed to drive down to Renton tonight and watch the free showing of A New Hope. It's one of those "Summer outdoors" movies. I think I'm going in costume with a bunch of friends. We have a couple of Jedi, some officers...a Leia, a Padme....and probably two or three Stormtroopers including me.


Maybe I'll take a picture or two and post it here because I'm cool like that.

Countdown to Vegas

I'm going to Vegas this summer. One thing I'm really hoping I can do is rent a Viper while I'm down there. I'm going down with a few friends, and maybe they'll want to get in on it with me.

Here's a look back at a few great memories of Vipers past.....

Friday, July 02, 2004

Halo, is it me you're looking for?

No one gets Lionel Richie references anymore. More people probably know him for his slutty daughter with the televsion show.

Speaking of slutty television stars, Jenna Lewis from Survivor apparently has a sex tape out there. When I get home, I'll have to napster that right up and see what the fuss is. Why the hell couldn't it have been Colleen? Or Elizabeth? Or even Jenna M and Heidi together? What's up with celebrity sex tapes anyway? I know everyone has a camcorder, but I think these days....people are releasing these things just to get a much needed shot of publicity. Whatever happened to posing for Playboy or a good old fashioned starring role Cinemax movie?

Anyway....Halo 2. That's what I was going to post about. I just preordered Halo 2 today (in the fancy tin special edition box). Why I hadn't already done that was beyond me, but I got it over with today. It's going to be an absolutely awesome game, and I know that because I have being reading about it for months including reviews posted during the alpha. Plus I'm a huge fan of Halo 1. Needless to say, I felt like springing for the super special (extra five dollar) edition of the game...and I'll go pick it up at midnight when it's released on November 9th.

While I was ordering Halo, I also pre-ordered Worms which is going to be a great "Tide-me-over" Xbox Live game. Plus it's only 29.99 and that's a great deal for what will surely be an awesome game.

Last but not least, it's FRIDAY! The last day of work before a 3 day weekend. Fireworks, BBQs, sleeping in, working on my Biker Scout costume, it's going to be a great weekend. Did I mention the sleeping in?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Stupid VW

The aforementioned repair/inspection on my car seemed to ok, but today when I turned on the fan in the car.....there was a clicking sound. The noise got progressively louder until it resembled that sound you got when you stuck a baseball card in the spokes of your bike tires and rode around pretending you were on a motorcycle as a child.

To be fair...I think back in the day, I used a garbage pail kid.

Car goes back in Saturday at 1:30.