Wednesday, June 30, 2004

What drives me....

To stay up so darn late on a work night?

I know I have to get up at like 7am to go to the gym before work.
I know I'm just going to be tired all damn day.
I know that when I get home, I won't take a nap and so things won't feel better till the weekend.
I know that last night I was up till 3am watching stupid Spider I could USE the rest.

So why don't I just sleep?

Oh that's right, I was up playing video games on Xbox live. That's a good reason.

The amazing spider man

There will be no spoilers in this post.

I'll go on record as saying that Spider Man 2 is probably going to make huge buttloads of money and be some kind of box office record breaker. Everyone is going to gush how it's better than the first one and rightfully so, because it is.

However...that's about all I can say about it. It's still a goofy movie. It's still not believeable. It's still very cartoonish. It still (for me), is only middle of the road at best as far as Superhero movies go. It's better than the Hulk, but it's not up there with the original Batman movies, Xmen or even the old Superman flicks. Ok...maybe Superman 4. That one blew monkey junk.

Overall, I was entertained....but I had just as much fun sitting in chairs in line with my friends and playing the 'ol Gameboy SP.

Everyone I was with loved it though. I'm definitely in the minority with my "Bah-Humbug Spider Man" opinion.

In other news, I did not win the 220 million dollar mega millions lottery. I'm one of those people that only plays when it gets super huge like it is now. Let's face it, I's not even WORTH the dollar to play when it's "only" a million bucks or so, right? Hehe. Anyway....I didn't win this week, so I must be destined to win it on Saturday when it's 280 million. I don't have a ticket yet, but I shall....and I shall win.

Everyone that has visited this Blog between now and then....I'll buy you all a pizza. :-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tuesdays can be worse than Mondays

For some reason I am a little more tired today than I was yesterday. Perhaps it's because I had no time to hit the gym yesterday. I had to go straight from work to Seattle to pick up my car from it's 550 dollar maintenance. I took it in for a free oil change, but that's what ended up happening to it. My philosophy is that every now and then, a car just needs 500 bucks. If your car hasn't needed 500 dollars in awhile, trust will soon.

After picking up the car last night, I went to the Denny's in Ballard to meet with several friends who I'm going to Comic Con with this year. We discussed possible dinners out together, costumes we might bring along, and also why I'm going to a "Comic Con" if I don't read comic books. Trying to explain this was fruitless. By the way, at Denny's, I had the "Cinderella breakfast" which was pancakes with Cherries and sprinkles along with sausage, eggs, and a cherry flavored sprite. Lots of my favorite stuff there. If only they didn't name it after Cinderella..... :-)

Today after work, I need to help move my old easy chair from a an old buddie's office to my house (he's been keeping it for me for several years), then possibly hit the gym if I don't crash at home after the long day. Then tonight at about 10pm I'm supposed to go down to the Cinerama and get in line for the new Spiderman movie which opens at midnight. I think I'll enjoy hanging out with everyone I'm going with more than the actual movie itself, but I'm still looking forward to it. Movies at the Cinerama are always a good time.

Sunday, June 27, 2004


So, yesterday I went to see Dodgeball the movie. I usually enjoy Ben Stiller movies, but I don't rush out to see every single one. I missed Envy for example, because it got horrible reviews. Dodgeball looked particularly interesting to me in a "Saturday afternoon matinee" type of way, and I was eager to give it a chance. I saw it with Andrew, Justin and Heather, who wasn't particularly looking forward to it. In the end, we all enjoyed it, even Heather who was the one I figured would think it was lame.

It's good for several laughs and although it's quite silly and predictable, it's a little smarter than say, a Farrely brothers movie. I don't want to include spoilers, but there are lots of funny cameos, and the costumes are great. The jokes never run too long, and there are several foreground and background site gags that will have you laughing if you see them. As far as the Dodgeball itself, there are also a LOT of hits by those little plastic "activity balls" we all remember playing with in elementary school. It actually made me want to grab a few (particularly smaller) friends and go play a few rounds for old times sake. Somehow, I don't think anyone will volunteer.

Today....I'm going to see Fahreinheit 9/11, which I will almost certainly enjoy a lot less. I'm sure I'll be entertained and probably come out of it fired up to vote GW out of office, which is what I'm sure the movie is intending to do. Still, I've heard some reviews and I hear there is a lot more editorializing than documentary in this one. We shall see.

Sidebar: Never put rice krispie treats into the fridge. They don't taste very good when rock solid.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Late night/Early morning

Just got done working on the costumes over at Jason's house all night long. We started at about six. I took off to the hardware store to buy a bunch of stuff we needed while Burrows worked on painting our cobra helmets so we can finish up our cobra costumes. That and the chest decal is all we need to be complete. He also painted our grenades that we bought at Rite Aid for $2.00 black so they looked all cool and real.

When I got back, I had a little pizza, then worked on Heather's snowtrooper a little bit. When we get done, hopefully it will look like this:

Then, we worked on my Scout Trooper helmet. When we get done, it will hopefully look like this, sans the bike:

I'll post some comparison pictures at some point when and if we ever finish. Right's bed time. :-)

Friday, June 25, 2004

Lunch time

Playing with this page is quite fun, I must admit. I've now figured out how to update it via email AND cell phone in addition to typing posts out the normal way. This could get extremely scary. No wonder people document their lives online.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch today. I ordered the Chicken Parmesan and had all that free salad and breadsticks to go along with it. I think I ate two bowls of salad and like 6 breadsticks over the course of the 90 minute meal. That is way too much food for a "light lunch". I seriously think a burger and fries from the drive thru would have been healthier or at least less calories in the end.

Heather is asking me if I want to dress up like Flint from GI Joe for Halloween so she can be Lady Jaye. Apparently June is not too early to be thinking about your Halloween costume. :-)

Testing post by cell

Testing post by cell

1 day later, it's already screwed.

Messing around with this thing can be time consuming. First I wanted to figure out how to do pictures, and I did...but then I got greedy and wanted to post via email. When that worked, I wanted to try it with my cell phone. That's where I screwed things up. :-) As you can see, I now have a Verizon commercial in the middle of my Blog. Lucky me.

testing posting by email

Just a quick check to see if this works


I decided I want to learn how to add an I whipped out the old HTML tags and I guess they work.

Isn't this cool?


I'm at work this morning. It's 10:05am, and I already can't wait for the day to be over. I'm supposed to go to Jason's house tonight with Heather and work on our costumes. I really hope we'll make a serious dent in them. The ultimate goal is to finish them before Comic Con. What costumes? When I figure out how to post pictures, I shall. :-)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Is this thing on?

Just trying out the whole Blog thing. What a historic first entry.