Saturday, April 10, 2010

Video game number ninety six: Battlefield Bad Company

Video game review number ninety six in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Battlefield Bad Company".

Last month, I played the sequel to this game. I really enjoyed it. It actually made me feel bad that I'd never played the original, so this month I've decided to remedy that. So far, it's not disappointing me. There are definitely some differences between the two games that I'm not a fan of, but's the same world, and I like that.

First, the good: I enjoy the combat in this game. It's diverse, you don't just shoot ten enemies, walk around a corner and shoot ten more like a lot of shooter games. Sometimes you're fighting armored vehicles, other times you'll go after anti-aircraft guns or maybe a building. There's a lot of comedy in this one (I like how they're all referring to me as the new guy), and it's funny even though I've already played the sequel to completion. On one mission, I was driving down the road in an enemy jeep and Haggard (I think it was Haggard) asks the company who would win in a fight: The car we were driving or Truckasaurus Rex. Later on, near the end of the episode, there's a call back to that joke, which made me laugh. It's not overt, just background conversation which I think gives the game a lot of personality, like the Grunts in Halo.

The bad: Ok, so the missions are longer. Not really for a purpose, but just because I think that's how the game was the first time around. The first one I played felt like it would never end. Had I bought this game brand new a couple of years ago, it would have been a plus...but since I'm only going through to learn the story, it did bug me a bit. The levels in Bad Company 2 are shorter and just as much happens in them.

Thing thing I hate the most about this game is the driving controls. They fixed this in Bad Company 2, but in this game, they're backwards from most games you've driven in. The right trigger does nothing and the gas is on the left. You can always use the "A" button, but by default...this is VERY annoying, and caused me to crash more than a few times when I was surprised by an enemy and trying to quickly hit the brakes or reverse.

The adrenaline shot. Ah yes, this game leans heavily upon this little "health shot" that you carry around and can inject yourself with unlimited amounts of times. It's cool the first time you do it, but becomes a crutch. There's no recharge time, you can just stick yourself as many times as you want and be back at 100 health in no time. I'm glad they didn't keep it for the sequel.

Overall Score? 7.5/10 So far. The missions are a LOT longer than the sequel, but they're still fun to play. The game has a slightly slower flow, but it still feels really similar to the new and improved version I just got done playing weeks ago.

Achievements? The achievements don't stack, so if you play this on Hard, you don't automatically get the normal achievements. I decided to go through on normal as a result....and skip hard. I'm not playing for Gamerscore on this one, so it doesn't REALLY bug me...but it would have been nice if they stacked. I have a handful of achievements so far...but I'll be adding more to this review after I beat the game.

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