Saturday, April 10, 2010

Video game number ninety five: Pimp My Ride

Video game review number ninety five in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Pimp My Ride".

Ah yes. Pimp My Ride. Here's a game I've been meaning to play since 2006, but somehow...never quite got around to. Today was a good day for it.

Xzibit stars in this very strange game that is sort of based on the TV show. You drive a car around the city, crashing into other cars to earn gold coins. Sometimes you stop and "ghost ride your whip". Sometimes you "cruise" (which is basically driving slowly past a crowd and honking your horn). After you've done this a bunch of finally get to pimp someone's ride. Sort of.

Pimping a ride in this game consists of Xzibit visiting someone's house, just like on the TV show. Of course, because this is a video game...they had to make it you pimp rides by driving from shop to shop and playing mini games to buy parts before time runs out. Just in case that wasn't challenging enough, they add a "rival" (who is also pimping a ride for your customer)...and at the end, your customer chooses between the car you pimped and the one your rival pimped.

If the TV show had this feature, it would be cool. Xzibit could take a car to his garage, and then there could be another guy (maybe Jesse James, he could probably use the work right now). They'd each pimp a car and the winner would pick. That would be an interesting show, but it would surely be VERY frustrating to the employees of one of the garages.

In this game, you play the employee in one of the garages. And I pimped a ride, and I lost to the rival. How lame. :-)

Overall score? 3/10. This game has terrible graphics, a silly premise, repetitive goals and generic cars. It's unrealistic, and the only two parts that are even close to the TV show it's named after are when you pick up the car and when you show it to the owner. The rest is just....silly.

Achievements? Here are my two. I believe I got both of these while "Ghost riding a whip" (which means getting out of the car and dancing next to it as it idles down the street in neutral on it's own).

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