Thursday, July 15, 2004


It's almost time for the trip.
I have exactly 3 work days and about two hours to go before I'll be done with work for a good solid week and a half. That's great news.
Why have I not been updating the blog? I don't know. Maybe the newness wore off. Maybe the fact that no one reads it made it a low priority. Maybe the fact that ONLY my close friends seem to be reading it made it a low priority (in that they already know all this stuff). Nevertheless, I decided to update today.
I'm really excited about San Diego. I'm excited about having time off work primarily. I'm excited about the weather. I'm excited about trying out the new Biker Scout armor. Wearing the Cobra costume for the first time. Seeing a few movie stars. Buying some cool Star Wars toys. Hanging out with friends. Checking out all the costumes. Lying by the pool and drinking the occasional alocholic beverage........and all of this before we ever even get to Vegas.

Vegas is a whole different story. I love that place and if I could find a way to make it make sense, I'd live there. I heard they're building condos on top of the MGM grand....and man, I'd jump in line for those things so fast if I could. Unfortunately I have a job in the real world which prevents that. Plus I heard that studios are going to start around 500k so it's insane anyway.
Anyway...right after Comic Con, we're on the way there. Wow is that going to be great. We'll lounge at the pool, eat at buffets, gamble, drink and generally get to participate in just about all of the 7 deadly sins in one place. Plus...there's a new Star Trek thing and a new ride at the Stratosphere I want to check out.
I can't wait.

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