Sunday, July 04, 2004

Darth Buckethead

Had a blast watching Star Wars. Spent the first part of the evening in armor (man was it hot tonight) and then chilled out in the 6.99 line chairs I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond the other night for Spiderman. Those things are really comfy for something that folds up and stuffs into a sack. Jason and Julie had the super deluxe 30 dollar costco chairs though....and apparently they are much better. Maybe someday, I'll get the Costco chairs. :-)

There was also costume contest (which we abstained from) and the winner in the adult category was a very interesting character we named Darth Buckethead. He'll be pictured below.

Definitely a fun night.

Here's the group shot of just about everyone that attended in costume:

I'm the tall one:

The infamous: Darth Buckethead

Off to bed, it's officially the 4th of July now, and I need to get some sleep so as to be able to party down tomorrow night!

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