Friday, July 09, 2004

Killing Gummy Bears

I didn't really take a lunch break today at work, but I microwaved some pizza....and later for dessert I had a little bag of Gummy Bears from the vending machine.

Gummy Bears are much more fun to play with than they actually are to eat.

Thanks to cell phone technology, you can actually see the bears in action. Here they are trying to spell out "Gummy Bears!" on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, the one that was going to be the exclamation point died before he finished the mission. Shortly afterwards, several of his comrades were beheaded and then devoured by a great enemy.

Please mourn the bears.


Lady H said...

What a dirty keyboard you have.
The better to hold gummies with.

JoshEEE said...

I was actually hoping that the germs on the keyboard would kill them before I did.

Hmmm. I'm not feeling so good now.....

Lady H said...

Uh oh... better get a stomach pump. STAT!!!!