Friday, July 02, 2004

Halo, is it me you're looking for?

No one gets Lionel Richie references anymore. More people probably know him for his slutty daughter with the televsion show.

Speaking of slutty television stars, Jenna Lewis from Survivor apparently has a sex tape out there. When I get home, I'll have to napster that right up and see what the fuss is. Why the hell couldn't it have been Colleen? Or Elizabeth? Or even Jenna M and Heidi together? What's up with celebrity sex tapes anyway? I know everyone has a camcorder, but I think these days....people are releasing these things just to get a much needed shot of publicity. Whatever happened to posing for Playboy or a good old fashioned starring role Cinemax movie?

Anyway....Halo 2. That's what I was going to post about. I just preordered Halo 2 today (in the fancy tin special edition box). Why I hadn't already done that was beyond me, but I got it over with today. It's going to be an absolutely awesome game, and I know that because I have being reading about it for months including reviews posted during the alpha. Plus I'm a huge fan of Halo 1. Needless to say, I felt like springing for the super special (extra five dollar) edition of the game...and I'll go pick it up at midnight when it's released on November 9th.

While I was ordering Halo, I also pre-ordered Worms which is going to be a great "Tide-me-over" Xbox Live game. Plus it's only 29.99 and that's a great deal for what will surely be an awesome game.

Last but not least, it's FRIDAY! The last day of work before a 3 day weekend. Fireworks, BBQs, sleeping in, working on my Biker Scout costume, it's going to be a great weekend. Did I mention the sleeping in?

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