Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video game number one hundred and sixty three: Raystorm HD

Video game review number one hundred and sixty three in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is"Raystorm HD".

Raystorm is another Xbox Live Arcade port of an older game that I never played. Like Ikaruga, which I played and reviewed earlier this year, this is one of those top down shooters, where you have hundreds of enemy planes that fire hundreds of bullets each, and you've got to kill them all.

After 2 minutes, I had the basic idea, and I could have moved on....but I was trying for an achievement. Unfortunately, this game has some of the most difficult achievements I've encountered so far in this challenge, and it looks like I won't be able to earn one. I shall explain why.

First of all, I've played this for several hours now. In a row. There is an achievement for using 50 "credits" (which I think are continues), but after using over 80 of them, I can't seem to get that one achievement to pop. What really sucks is once it unlocks, you're supposed to get unlimited credits (continues), which would actually make this game a little easier. Without them, I can't even beat the arcade mode. On Easy.

I started out on Normal mode and never made it past level 5. 8 credits, with 3 lives each. That's 24 lives I'd waste on each attempt, and I tried about 7 times. Finally, I turned the difficulty down to very easy, thinking I could blaze through the game and beat it that way. I'm not sure where it ends, but even after turning the difficulty down...I still couldn't beat the game. I got much further, but there was still no end in sight.

Overall? 3/10. This game plays like something from the PS1 or the Super Nintendo, and it doesn't look much better. If you've played the demo, you have an excellent idea of what awaits you in the full game. If there were some nice achievements, I might have bumped this up to a 4, because it doesn't exactly suck (I like it more than Ikaruga)....but the difficulty is so high that I've now spent about 2 hours more than I'd ever want to spend on this game playing it. And I still don't have an achievement.

Achievements? Will I give up like Sonic? Or will I come back again? I'm not sure...but as of this writing, I haven't earned a one.


After searching for help online, I found one person who had unlocked the "unlimited continues" achievement who was not saving his replays. I tried playing a few games without saving mine, and after three games (24 continues), for some reason, the achievement finally unlocked. That doesn't make any sense to me (seven games might have, because that would have been 56 continues)...but I'm glad it finally worked.

I was able to beat the game after I had my unlimited continues, and I even unlocked one additional achievement for shooting down 80% or more of the enemies on each stage, which is pretty cool, I suppose. I'm not changing the rating of this game to a 4, as I still think it's fairly lame, but I'm glad I don't have another game on my profile with zero gamerscore.

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