Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video game number one hundred and sixty four: Rabbids go home

Video game review number one hundred and sixty four in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is"Rabbids go Home".

I've seen ads for the "Rabbids" games before, but never played one until tonight. I have absolutely no idea how I've owned the Wii for so many years and missed out on this silly game. It's pretty awesome.

You play one of many little "raving" Rabbids. Some of them wear underwear (including one who wears a thong) and some of them wear nothing. That's not relevant to the story, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway, your job as a rabbit is to drive your shopping cart around town, picking up trash. Why? You want to build a stairway to the moon so you can lie on top of it and be comfy.
Pretty strange, I know.

Your rabbits (or "Rabbids") make insane little noises as you drive them around in their shopping cart. Mostly, they just collect stuff, but sometimes they'll run into an enemy. When that happens, they have an attack that will scare people (and dogs). The "attack" consists of one rabbit yelling "BAAAAAH!". When you yell at humans, they jump right out of their clothes, which you can then pick up to help build your stairway to the moon. When you yell "BAAAAAAAH!" at dogs, the dogs get scared, and then you can add them to your stairway too. Nothing is safe, everything is fair game as far as stairway building materials go.

I'm not really sure how to describe the game except to say that it's kind of a mixture of many genres. It's sort of a platformer, with a little "Katamari" thrown in. The number of pieces of junk you collect in a stage is added to your total, and you're scored on that. It's a kids game, with some grown up humor...and it's very easy to pick up and play.

I started this one pretty late tonight, and kept on playing. It's sort of addicting. It's not like I'm desperate to know whether or not they eventually build their staircase to the moon, it's just sort of a fun game to play. I may have to pick this one up, used.

Overall score? 7.5/10. It was simple, easy to play and a lot of fun. The characters are cute, and pretty darn funny to watch. From time to time, they'll pick up a new item they haven't seen before, and there's a great animation when they first discover it. My favorite thing I've picked up so far was an answering machine. They decide to leave an outgoing message on it (they shout "BAAAAAAAAAH!") and then they play it back a few times and laugh. It's hard to convey how hilarious this little cut scene was, but I laughed out loud. I'm not sure how frequently I'd actually play this if I owned it, but it is certainly a good rental, and I'm definitely considering buying a used copy.

Achievements? No...and dammit, I wish the Wii had some just so I could proudly display something for yelling "BAAAAAAAAAH!" at people.

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