Saturday, May 29, 2010

Video game number one hundred and forty one: UFC 2010: Undisputed

Video game review number one hundred and forty one in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "UFC 2010: Undisputed ".

This is my first ever UFC game. I watched someone play one at a fourth of July party once at a friend's house, but I've never actually tried it myself. I like the TV show...but since most of the fights involve a lot of rolling around on top of the other guy, I never assumed this would be a terribly good video game.

I was correct in my assumption.

I like my fighting games to be fun, like something you might play in the arcades. If this game was in the arcades, it would probably have spiderwebs growing on the controllers. The moves are incredibly complex. Even on the beginner modes, my guys would get knocked out in the first few seconds of the first round. Certainly no button mashing here.

Next, I took the tutorial. This thing is a good 45 minutes to an hour, but I did the entire thing, hoping I might be properly trained by the end of it. Went into an exhibition match (again, on beginner mode) and bam. Knocked out 2 or 3 more times.

The graphics are good. The voices are done by the actual announcers and refs. A bunch of the fighters have lent their images and voices to this one, and there are all sorts of real world arenas to fight in. That being said...I didn't enjoy it, because it was just too fucking complicated to pick up. If there's one good thing about this game it's this: I actually feel like I might last longer in the ring against a real UFC fighter than I lasted in this game. If nothing else, I have a special move they don't have in this game, the ability to open the cage door and run away before my opponent kills me.

Overall Score? 3/10. I appreciate the visuals, but as far as gameplay goes, this one is just not my cup of tea.

Achievements? A couple. I could have gotten a ton of easy ones if I'd entered the code to go on Xbox Live. Code you ask? Yeah...this is one of the first games to use this bullshit system of packing in a CODE with every copy to play on Xbox live. Of course, if you are buying the game used, or renting it from Gamefly, you'll be shit out of luck as far as playing online goes. You'll have to pay for a code via DLC. Game companies are doing this to combat the used market. As someone who buys most of the games I like brand new, I can't imagine this affecting me too much...but I've also bought many used games in the past, and if they all start doing this....well...I don't know if I'll ever buy used again.

Achievement Unlocked finally figured out how to fuck over the used game market, as well as anyone who wants to sell a copy of your game that they don't want anymore. Congrats.

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