Monday, April 12, 2010

Video game number ninety eight: God of War 3

Video game review number ninety eight in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "God of War 3".

When I was playing Dante's Inferno last month, I really enjoyed it. I gave it a great review and ended up buying a copy shortly after writing it. Pretty soon, some new DLC will be out for the game adding multiplayer...and I think that will end up making it my highest rated game of the year so far.

This game feels like a Dante's Inferno sequel to me (even though I'm now aware that game is based on this one). When I started playing it, I immediately felt like I was back in that Dante's world, which is a great thing. Of course, there are drawbacks to having played the other one first. I don't have the familiarity with the first two, so right off the bat...I have to say the plot was not as great of a plot as Dante's was. The characters are all various gods, and they're at war with each other (Zeus, Poseidon, etc, etc)...but their motivation seems to be all about revenge. Just not quite as compelling as Dante's quest through the nine circles of hell if you ask me.

So how about the game itself? The controls were easy to pick up, and combat is a lot of fun. The game has a ton of jumping puzzles, which pissed me off because it's very easy to fall and die as you're jumping. I chalk this up to a bad camera, and had to play some parts over and over again before I'd make the jump.

The graphics are gorgeous. The first level sticks you right in the middle of a fight between some HUGE bosses (similar to the ones you find in parts of Dante's Inferno), and there are lots of quick time events where you press a sequence of buttons to pull of brutal kills. The kills ARE brutal too. Lots of impaling, ripping, stabbing, etc. Definitely not a kids game here.

Overall score so far: 8/10. It's not quite Dante's Inferno, but it's REALLY good. I've hardly scratched the surface of this game though, so expect there to be an updated review once I've gotten further. I don't have too many trophies yet...but I plan to keep playing this one. I may even buy it. I'll review more when I finish it. Stay tuned...

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