Saturday, January 05, 2008

Viral level is orange

Today I'm feeling quite a bit better. I woke up sometime around 11am and slowly made my way to the other room, where I lived for the next several hours watching movies. Halfway through the afternoon I decided that I needed to do something productive with my day, so I played a few hours of Halo with Andrew, Ryan and his dad. For the most part, we were victorious.

Afterwards, I was still in a gaming mood, so I broke the plastic seal on Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii and booted up that game for an hour or so. It's great so far, but I still got bored of it in a few hours and came upstairs to watch a little Braveheart. I think I need to move the Wii back upstairs (I had it hooked up to the big screen so that guests could play when they came over). I've only used it twice in the last 6 months, so I think it should probably return to the land of the office, where all my video game consoles live.

To cap off my day of gaming, Heather and I played a couple of rounds of Scene It on the Xbox (we each won one). That's a fun game. I'm going to have to try it with 4 people sometime.

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