Friday, January 04, 2008

Condition: Improving

Well, I have part of my voice back.

My Dad brought my nephew over to visit last night. We had chinese food, watched a little TV and played some pool. I won 5 games to 2 but still managed to lose two bucks to my nephew somehow. I find it strange that one of the only games he won was the one we decided to place our bankrolls on. I plan to send him his winnings in pennies, preferably from Canada.

This morning, my Dad drove the young pool shark off the airport, then we had some breakfast. As I am still feeling ill, I had a lot of tea with lemon and honey. Still haven't overcome this cold completely, but I am feeling better than I did yesterday. I suppose that's not saying much considering that on a scale of shit to fabulous, I feel more brown than sparkly.

For the folks that prefer a more traditional scale, I'd say that from one to ten, I'm feeling somewhere around a 4. Sadly, that's about the same number I would have rated myself last week when I first came down with this.

It's been a really vacation-ruiner, that's for sure.

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