Sunday, January 06, 2008

The last day of vacation

I tried to post this from my cell phone, but it would not cooperate.

Today was the last day of my long winter break. What did I do with this glorious day?

Watched "No Country for old men" with Mike at the Bella Bootega theater. I got out to the theater in record time, so I stopped at QFC for a bottle of "Naked" juice and then Jack in the Box for some naked bacon cheeseburgers. I didn't feel like soda and popcorn.

The movie was really good and pretty scary to boot. I enjoyed it, except for the weird ending (which was smarter than I am).

After that, I drove over to Papa Murphy's to get a pizza for dinner. The new delicious all meat stuffed pizza. Meat, meat and more meat stuffed between two different crusts. Yum. Heather and I watched Shrek the Third on DVD, then for some reason...the American Gladiators premiere. It was hilariously bad...and we watched the whole thing.

Finally made it to bed around 1am.

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