Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Highlights

So this seems like a real blog entry, here are the top 10 highlights of my last two days:

1. Received several Star Wars figures in the mail yesterday from some guy online I traded with. He added extras. Specifically, extra clone troopers...which I always like to have more of.

2. Had the sunroof and both windows open on the commute home yesterday. Nothing blew out of my car, which is always a good thing.

3. Sampled some of my friend Justin's homemade pizza. It's coming along...but needs work. I believe that he will be inspired by my constructive comments to create his pizza masterpiece.

4. Had calzones at Pete's, right after Justin's pizza. The direct comparison was good for Pete's, but bad for Justin.

5. --Censored--

6. My car insurance was cancelled due to my forgetting to pay the bill, but I just started it up again today. And hey, now I pay 20 dollars less a month. I guess I am a better driver now that I'm 30. Either that, or they think I am.

7. Hey, that means I've been driving around with no car insurance for the last week and I didn't even know it.

8. I finally watched that Robotic Chicken show everyone is always telling me to watch last night. It's really funny. I will probably have to Tivo this one from now on.

9. I have some cherry coffee cake at home just waiting for me to eat it.

10. I'm going to see a movie tonight. It hasn't happened yet, but it already counts as a highlight.

BTW, attached is a picture that will always be a highlight, of any day.

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