Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Finally done with Burger King!

Today I walked into my normal "Morning" Burger King at Overlake that I've been hitting at least once every week of this stupid Star Wars promotion. They always get the new toys first, so I walked in and asked for a meal and my two toys from week 6.

Every time I've gone in there and asked if I can buy the whole set of 5 for the week, they always say "No, you can only buy 2".

Today, for the first time of this entire promotion (at this Burger King) the guy actaully let me buy the extras I needed to fill the set. So I got all 5 figures from Wave 6 today. He even tried to give me one of the 1 per case Vaders for free, but I didn't need another one so I said "Give it to a kid".

I've eaten more Crossainwiches, Whoppers, Onion Rings and those awful hashbrowns than one person should ever eat in a month. Yet, exactly 31 toys later, I've finally gotten them all.

It's over.

Thank the maker.

P.S. Oh yeah, yesterday John got us tickets to go see Kevin Smith in Vancouver next month. That was supposed to be on my highlights of the last 3 days, but I forgot about there it is


M said...

Funny, yet if it were me, I'd hate to see my cholesterol numbers. :-I Hope you have a great day!!! :-D

JoshEEE said...

Yeah. I can say honestly that while I'm glad that I completed my mission and got all these toys, I won't miss Burger King food at all.