Saturday, June 11, 2005

Back in the swing of things

Tonight I played a dozen games or so of Halo 2. Since Greg was online, I had a good teammate for every game I went into and was able to level up several levels. A few more nights like that and I'll be back up to my old numbers. Still, I felt out of practice and think I need to play some more if I want to get good before the new maps come out.

I also did a new Radio Show, which was long overdue.

Tomorrow morning I've got to get up really freakin early to do a top secret trooping event. It's along the lines of the last one, which I can now finally talk about. A little over a month ago, Microsoft called us up and asked us to come out to MS Studios to be extras (we gave the money they paid us to charity) for a promo video for Xbox 360 they were doing for E3. Basically, they had Bill Gates and Steve Balmer sitting in lawn chairs outside of a movie theater set, playing with the new Xbox 360...and we were all supposed to be fans in the line for Star Wars Episode 3 with them.

As you can imagine, that gig was a real stretch for me. The video only got shown to attendees of E3, so most of us never got to see it, but I'm sure it was very cool. Maybe someday they'll give me a copy.

Hopefully in awhile I'll be able to talk about whatever this secret project we're working on tomorrow is for. Right now, I don't even know....I just know that the guy from Microsoft told some other producer about us......and now we're going to some big movie set. Ooooooooooooh. The suspense is terrible, isn't it?

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