Friday, June 03, 2005

The World has gone crazy!

So I'm flipping around the premium channels, trying to find a movie to watch so I can zone out for awhile. I see Mallrats. It's on "WE" (Women's Entertainment) which means it's going to have commercials and be edited, but that's actually a really funny way to watch Mallrats. Hearing the substitutions for the constant stream of profanity in that movie (and seeing the boobs edited out of it) is always a good laugh. I stop flipping channels and watch.

The guy who voices the "edited" Jay doesn't sound a thing like Jason Mewes. That's always funny. Then a commercial comes on. But before the commercial, they have these 3 "surfer" dudes talking about how much they love this movie. Then they fade out and it says "3 guys and a chick flick". Apparently this is a regular thing on "WE", and these three guys usually comment on girly movies. That would be a novel concept, except when the hell did Mallrats become a Chick flick? The only movie Kevin Smith ever made that could possibly be confused with a chick flick is Jersey Girl, and this is about the Polar Opposite of that particular piece of fluff.

What bonehead over at the Women's Entertainment network had the audacity to call Mallrats a chick flick? I think both men AND women should be offended. On the other hand, if Mallrats IS a chick flick, then I now have a favorite chick flick of all time to cite when people ask. I'll let them know that I love it for it's tender moments, like the stink palm scene.
Say....would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

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