Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Observations of the sick day

Here I sit, home sick from work. When you're alone in the house for awhile, you start to notice things. Things like:

No matter what day it is, there will always be a Lethal Weapon or Die Hard movie on cable.

The dog doesn't move around much.

I really should take those last few pieces of painter's tape off the living room ceiling, but not until I feel better (at which point I'll go back to not noticing them).

A watched teapot never boils, but that's only because you have it on the wrong burner.

The commercials on daytime television assume that you are either unemployed, injured, elderly or really into cleaning products. Apparently no one that does not fit into one of these categories ever watches TV during the day.

Lunch isn't just going to make itself.

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