Sunday, May 22, 2005

Paying for the Star Wars line in retrospect

I spent most of Wednesday in line waiting for Star Wars. Many people who understand me and my obsession might think that this is a strange thing to do, considering it's only a movie. However, even some of the people that do know me were a little perplexed when they found out that I had actually already seen the movie at a preview screening the previous week and was still waiting all day in line for it to open at midnight anyway. Looking back, even I think it's a little strange.

Nevertheless, I spent my Wednesday out in a bunch of lawn chairs with a group of friends that slowly grew to 25 or so before the night was over. We braved the thunder and lightning with umbrellas and rain gear while we had pizza, drinks and other snacks to keep us busy. Most of us brought costumes and when we got into them, we were on several different newscasts during the day. Finally at 10:30pm, they let us into the theater and at the stroke of midnight we got to see the movie once again (but for the first time with a big audience). It was of course great, and was the 2nd of 4 times I've seen it so far.

I'll definitely remember the day for a long time. Especially now, because it appears I've come down with a little virus or something that some friendly fan must have been nice enough to bring along. I've got a sore throat, and a bit of a cold. Nothing life-threatening, but I'll probably need another day of rest or so because of it.

Was it all worth it? Yeah....I had a great time. Would I do it again? Hmmmm. Only if Lucas releases another Star Wars movie. That remote possibility aside, I think I've just camped in my last movie line.

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