Thursday, May 26, 2005

The view that never was

It was a really nice day today. Despite still having this cold I can't get over, I got outside in the sunshine a bit during my commute. I ate dinner outside on the patio. I even walked out on my deck late tonight to enjoy the cool night air.

Had a couple of guests over tonight to watch Lost, and the one who had never been here before went on and on about how nice this house is. I'm not sure why over a year later I seem to be the only one who's no longer impressed.

I think sometimes I still wish we had bought that other place....with that wonderful view. Sure, it would have been smaller by almost more than 1400 square feet. Sure, there was less parking, and it was more expensive. Sure I'd probably hate the commute. But I still really liked that place.

Wonder if I'll ever get the chance (or take the chance) on a place like it again.

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