Friday, December 03, 2004

Stupid Stinkhole

Ok, so this bugs me.

I entered my damn demo for their contest back in the middle of November. I never got a call back. Went to Vegas. No emails when I got back from that glorious trip. So earlier this week, I finally bite the bullet and email the guys to ask if they'll be entering my clip on the air. I'm absolutely confident that it's better than a good 50-75% of the stuff they've been playing. This isn't just my opinion either, Jason seems to think so too.

So, I'm listening to the contest and I hear that Sir Mixalot is going to be the guest judge. What random luck it would be if my tape made it on the air today. He'd love it. On top of that, I hear BJ complaining that they have no Sir Mixalot music in the studio at all. So I call to tell them that "Tada!" my tape features that in the background. Double R asks if I can send him the background music. I say "No, I'm at work" and I start to ask him if he can enter it today because it would be perfect.....but he hangs up on me.

So, I say WTF and write them a letter. I forwarded my demo to BJ and Double R and let them know it includes Mixalot music. No response.

They then proceed to play one decent clip and two really crappy ones, both of which my demo was better than. On top of of their other guest judges starts going off on the last contestant, and then starts talking about what he wants to hear. What he requested is bascially what we recorded.

And next week is the last week of this contest.

It's not meant to be I guess. Pisses me off though.

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