Friday, December 03, 2004

Christmas List

What do I want this year? Seems that Blogger has a built in spot in your profile for a Christmas list.

So I filled one out and here it is:

My Christmas List

It's cool cause you can sort it by price (least to most) or by date I entered it. Hint...the stuff I entered first is probably the stuff I like the best. :-)

That's it for my shameless Christmas list plug.


MK Buike said...

RE with list: "Viking 1GB USB 2.0 High-Speed Portable Flash Drive
$103.79 $107.78 - "

Yikes, that seems expensive. I got my 1gb thumb drive for $50 on sale at Fry's a few weeks ago!

--Kate (JediKai)

I, too, had a blog here but abandoned it because everyone was on LiveJournal.

JoshEEE said...

Yeah, the problem with Froogle is I can't always find the stores I want (even if I can find the items) so I just tried to list the items and then let people know in the "Comments" section that they could get things cheaper elsewhere.

It ended up working pretty well. :-)