Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Finally the migration is done

Alright, I've done it.

I moved just about every post I ever made on Livejournal back over here. I can't stand that stupid site. If you want to format your page a certain way or do any of the other cool things you can do here for free, you have to upgrade your account. I don't use this thing enough to pay for it.

It's a stupid online journal I keep so that I'll have something to look back on someday when I'm feeling bored and wondering what I did on November 9th of this year.

As far as what I did on December 1st, let's see:

Went to work.
Watched people shred a bunch of a hardware in the back of a big truck built for such things.
Played 2 minor clan matches of Halo 2 during my lunch break. Won one. Lost one.
Had a Cup 'O Noodles out of the vending machine for lunch because I forgot to leave time between my meetings to go get food.
Paid several bills.
Attended some meetings.
Migrated my posts over here.

What's still left to do:

Go home
Play Halo 2 and/or DDR
Have dinner
Watch Lost and/or South Park

Exciting day, yes? No.

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