Friday, December 17, 2004

Running out of time

Time is just FLYING this month. I'm at the point where I can count the hours left until certain deadlines. The deadline to mail my presents off to my sisters in CA. The approaching deadline for my office holiday party and the various Christmas and New Year's parties that are creeping up. Christmas dinner, my last shopping day...even putting up the lights. Everything is on a timeline and most of the deadlines are coming much faster than I'm ready to admit.

Anyway....I'm off to go home, get dressed up (at least a little) and head out to the office holiday thing. Then tomorrow is the Toy Drive and another Christmas party after that. Sunday is EVERYTHING ELSE because I'm working all week next week.

One thing is for sure. Even though I have all these things to do with all these deadlines....I'm still going to find time for the Halo 2 and DDR. :-)

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