Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Several Omissions

I noticed just now that I have forgotten to enter quite a few cool things that happened over the last month into this Blog. Here they are in no particular order:

The trip to Vegas was fabulous and at one point I was standing next to 5 Vipers. I have pictures somewhere.

I have set a wedding date (but it's still a secret at this point). Both my wedding chapel and reception venue are picked out...and we still have almost a year to go. Not too shabby.

I eventually made it onto the "American Stinkhole" radio contest and was savagely degraded by both the listeners and the "Celebrity" Judges. It just goes to show that you should never pander to the audience and always be yourself. The clip I created was what I thought was going to get me the votes, but definitely not demonstrating the kind of show I would have liked to have done if I won it. Still, I think it was of a much higher quality than it got credit for, and I damn them all to hell for criticizing it so harshly. I kid of course, it's all just part of life. You live and learn. I learned never to do that again. :-)

For my birthday this year, my sole tangible present was a Cobalt Flux dance pad. It is also one of the best birthday gifts I've received in a long time and was part of a collaborative effort between Heather and my parents. It was a real surprise and something I really wanted (as evidenced by several entries in this blog). Check out the setup here: Cobalt Setup

I also received several intangible gifts while in Las Vegas including drinks, food and strippers(not neccessarily in that order).

My family decided that for the first time (ever) they're going to leave the house and come over to my place for Christmas. Well, not really for Christmas, but for December 23rd, which is good enough for me. That's definitely going to be a fun night next week, and we get to make turkey again. I'm wondering if I can try a deep fried version this time?

Oh yeah, and it's 5pm which means it's about time for me to leave work. Ciao!

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