Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The incredible Exploding Christmas Lights

This weekend was a rather productive one. Saturday was the toy drive. We collected about 3000 bucks in toys which we then carted off to my house. They were stored in my Star Wars room until Monday when I removed them.

Saturday night was a Christmas party at Jason's. It was laid back and fun, they did a gift exchange with fun little presents and a few other games. Gave me some ideas for the next Christmas party I have. :-)

Sunday I started out with lots of shopping. I hit Alderwood mall, where I bought most of the presents for my sisters and a few other people. By about 4pm I was done with that and proceeded to take a nap. I probably should have wrapped presents, but I was really burnt out from all the shopping and the weekend in general. I woke up at about 7pm, had dinner...then played DDR for awhile. I beat every song on Ultramix 1 and proceeded to play Ultramix 2. That Cobalt Flux really helps my scores, as I got a TON of AA's on songs I had never finished that high on before. At about 11:30pm, I stopped that, and started wrapping presents. I didn't finish until 1:30am, but I got everything boxed up and shipped out on Monday. The shipping was 90 BUCKS!

So, yesterday, with the help of someone from work and Jason from GT, we took all the toys from the toy drive on Saturday over to Treehouse and unloaded them into their store. It was pretty cool, they had an area set up where kids could pick out clothes or toys for themselves. There was a pretty darn good selection of things for them to pick out there. It made all those hours spent out in front of Toys R Us begging for donations all the more worthwhile.

After that, I had a little fun putting up Christmas lights. I got about 6 or 7 of them up, and then they went dark. So, I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out which strand was blown, and finally tracked it down to the very first one. I replaced the strand, and immediately blew the fuse in the new one. So, I figured I better read the instructions. It seems that you can only string 3 or 4 of them together before you blow the stupid little fuses they now have inside of them. I wish I would have known that, because I would have wired it much differently.

I had to take a break around 7pm to have dinner with Heather, Craig and their cousin who was on a 1 night layover. We went to Claim Jumper and on the way home, I picked up a bunch of extension cords so I could try and tackle the lights some more tonight.

Luck....I need!

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