Monday, December 06, 2004

The cold

I think can feel a cold coming on.

So far I made it past my birthday and Thanskgiving without a cold. I thought I might FINALLY have one winter in my life where I didn't get whatever it is that's always going around. Alas, today I started to get the sore throat that is like the "yellow alert" that a cold is coming.

I'm going to fight it with denial and hopefully I won't get sick.

This weekend I didn't do a darn thing. Well, that's not true. I watched several movies, played some Halo 2, mostly lounged at home (many hours in front of the fireplace). It was quite enjoyable. This was actually my first weekend "off" in a long time. Last weekend was the toy drive, the weekend before that was the movie shoot with Jason, the weekend before that was Vegas...etc, etc.

I got a few Christmas lists from my nephews and one from Marilyn. It was very nice to see some people respond to my wishes for Christmas wish lists. Now....I just have to shop. Yahoo!

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