Sunday, December 12, 2004

A week has passed

So, that cold I felt coming on hit pretty hard last week. I was out Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning I felt bad, but by Thursday afternoon, I was feeling a little better. Then I over did it by staying out late at a charity dinner/auction that I had tickets for Thursday night....and going to work on Friday. Saturday I spent most of the day taking it easy (Saw Ocean's 11) and today was pretty busy.

We got a tree, we went to a Microsoft sale (got some GREAT deals) and had a bunch of pizza while watching the Survivor Finale.

It's definitely been a fast couple of weeks....and I can't believe Christmas is about to hit. More later, I just wanted to touch on today....and the tree, which I thought was awesome.

Check it out. I especially like the "Angel" on top, complete with his Halo.

Here's a close-up, just in case you missed it.

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