Sunday, September 12, 2004

Well, the first baby step of progress was made on the shelves today. We took some measurements and realized that I may be able to use a bunch of the stuff I already have. So that's good news. Now all I need to do is start moving stuff around. Then I'll have to disassemble the shelves I have now, move them into the SW room....and see how much room I have left.If there's a lot, I'll probably hang the ones from the old house on the wall. Net cost should be really low.

I still can't say I like the braces yet. My cheeks are getting all cut up, I still can't eat anything comfortably and flossing takes forever. But they took the bite things out, so at least I can chew a little now. That's one good thing.

Yesterday I got Clerks X at Fry's. They price matched Best Buy which was cool. I also got a raincheck for Burnout 3 for 34 bucks. That's a pretty damn good game. The rest of this weekend I've just spent being lazy and hanging around the house. That's all I felt like doing, and I'm glad that's all I'm doing.

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