Monday, September 13, 2004

One man's treasure

Today, I found a glow in the dark Shrek watch in my Honey Nut Cheerios.

There are apparently 10 different watches to collect but I was lucky enough to find the pink Dragon. As I opened the plastic watch (instantly diminishing it's secondary market value) I imagined what it would be like wearing it while walking down the hallways at work.

"Nice watch!" people would say. Then they'd think to themeslves about what a "Baller" I am, impressed by my "Bling Bling". After all, it's not everyone that can wear a watch like that. It's the kind of thing you usually only see in a movie star's personal collection, on the MTV show "Cribs".

I'd probably get promoted if my boss noticed it.

"That's a real go-getter" he'd think, as he recommended me for a 76% raise.

Little did I know, that these things only come in children's sizes. Apparently, they don't think a 29 year old would want to wear a Shrek watch with a dragon on it. Seeing as how it wasn't meant to be, I wrote "Free Shrek Watch" on a post-it note, and placed my treasure in the kitchen at work.

Within 10 minutes, it was already gone. No doubt, someone else realized the incredible prestige and value of this once free prize.

And they're not the only ones:

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