Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving, Heather, the dogs and I all piled into the car and headed to my dad's house for Thanksgiving. Good times all around, including card games by a fire, a few walks around the neighborhood to work up an appetite, and even making waffles for breakfast the next morning while most folks were still sleeping off their turkey.

The worst thing about this trip? 

It wasn't this:

Although that did kind of suck.

It was the fact that I have NO THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS.

From now on, there must be leftovers....even if I have to drive them 100 miles home in a cooler or something. I'm going to want pumpkin pie for breakfast tomorrow, and it's not going to be there. a crime.

As for Black Friday, I managed to escape it without buying anything for myself. No video games, no new TV, no electronic Gadgets.

Heather on the other hand....well...she bought a little something:

She didn't even have to get in line at 5am for it, which I suppose makes it even better. :-)

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