Saturday, October 23, 2010

Video game number three hundred and four: SingStar Queen

Video game review number three hundred and four in my 365 Games in 365 Days project "SingStar: Queen".

I thought SingStar Queen was a standalone title, but it turns out it's an expansion to the original SingStar, sort of like the Lips expansion packs for that series. You can play it without owning the original, but the trophies are tied together, and because of that...I had already earned almost all of the easiest ones playing the last game. Luckily for me, there was some online stuff I could still do, and I was able to earn a new trophy in this one.

Like the original Singstar (which you can read my review of here), this one features artist videos in the background. I wasn't aware Queen had so many videos (a lot of it seems to be live performances) but I played through every song of theirs on the setlist that I knew (and a couple I didn't)

Overall, the game hasn't really added anything new to the series, and I think this might have been meant as more of a Standalone expansion game than a "band in a box" game (like Rock Band Green Day, or Guitar Hero Van Halen). There's no career to speak of here, just a lot of good songs to sing with some old school videos playing behind them.

Overall Score? 5/10. If you're a Queen Fan, you should pick this up on principle alone, but I can see getting sick of it after awhile. It would be really nice if all of these songs were available in Rock Band (I'd certainly enjoy playing them at parties)...but I'm guessing that music licensing rules will keep that from happening anytime soon.

Trophies? Here's the crap thing: There are no new trophies for this game. Instead, it adds to your Singstar Trophies. I went ahead and got one, just so I could say I did it...but it scored to that game, not to this one. On top of that, the stupid Playstation Network doesn't want to display my trophies today (so you can see that I've earned them, but not what they are). Here's that display:

Edit 11/2---- Looks like trophies are finally working now, so you can see my trophy for this game (plus another one I got for SingStar Abba).

Also...turns out they released a Queen pack for Rock Band 3 after all, which had almost all of my favorites in it. I bought that...and now I can sing them in my favorite music game series. Score!

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