Monday, June 28, 2010

Video game number one hundred and eighty four: Rock Band Green Day

Video game review number one hundred and eighty three in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Rock Band Green Day ".

Technically, the game I have is "Rock Band Green Day +". The "plus" means that I get to download six more songs for free and I get to export this entire disk worth of songs to my insanely huge Rock Band song collection. This game gets major bonus points just for that, and I wish that Rock Band Beatles had done something similar.

Anyway...Heather and I booted this game and played through the first "venue" in the campaign. All of the songs were from the "Dookie" album, and I played the drums while she sang. We unlocked only one achievement, but we also unlocked lots of little "awards" along the way. One of the awards was a video taken probably a couple of decades ago, when Green Day was driving around the country in a "Bookmobile" that they had modified into a tour bus. It was pretty funny.

There's not a lot I can review about this game. It's a Rock Band game, so you sing, drum or play guitars. One feature it has that I liked was the "Harmony" feature....which meant you could use multiple mics if you wanted to. I enjoyed this feature in the Beatles game, and I think I'll enjoy it just as much in Green Day.

The game has a good setlist, I've checked it out and realized that I know enough of the songs that it feels like it's a worthwhile game to own. I'll probably get just as much mileage playing off the disk as I will exporting the songs to the Rock Band song collection. Speaking of which...the folks behind Rock Band are pretty damn smart. Much like Dance Dance Revolution did a few years ago, all of the songs you download for Rock Band worked in Rock Band 2. It's been confirmed they'll also work in Rock Band 3. That's a good thing, because some people like me have invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars into this music. I like that I can continue to take it with me.

Overall score? 8/10. This game is a good standalone, I'll probably play all the way through the campaign, and maybe even play it the next time I have a bunch of friends over. After I've gotten the achievements, I'm sure I'll export the songs and probably never use this disk again (because the songs will all be in Rock Band 3). That's a good thing...and I really like that Harmonix allows this.

Achievements? Heather and I played for an hour and we only got one. That seemed a little weird....but I went and looked up the achievements and most of them are pretty weird. I think I'll be able to get quite a few more now that I know what I'm aiming for.

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