Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Video game number two hundred and thirty two: Brutal Legend

Video game review number two hundred and thirty two in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Brutal Legend".

Not sure how I missed this one when it came out. Jack Black stars as a heavy metal roadie working for a douchebag glam band, wishing he could travel back to the time when Metal was metal. Suddenly a stage accident makes that possible for him, and he's the hero of his own adventure game.

Sounds pretty cool right? It is.

From the opening scenes I had a feeling this one would be pretty funny. During the intro, the game pauses itself and asks you if you'd like to hear the cursing (I selected yes of course). Same thing for the gore. I like the way they make it a choice....and I kind of want to select the other option on a second play-through to see how the game changes.

Your adventure takes you to a faraway land featuring many skulls, demons and all sorts of other horrible stuff you might find on the cover of an Ozzy Osbourne record. You meet up with a hot babe (who is supposed to be from the past, yet she's wearing a t-shirt). Later, you find out she has a boyfriend, with a hot little sister. I'm not sure which one is your love interest...but I'm sure that will develop as I progress through the story.

You have an axe (as in a "blade") and an axe (as in a "guitar") to fight your way through the levels. There are special moves and you also have the ability to rock some guitar solos (playing a very dumbed down guitar hero mini game). It seems like one of those games I could really spend some time with, if I had more time to spend.

As it stands, this is going to have to go onto my long list of games I will want to come back to next year, when this challenge is over. It looks like it will be an epic adventure...and I'd rather spend some quality time with it when I'm not trying to play over 100 more new games.

Overall Score so far? 7/10. I like it...but I know I've only just begun.

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