Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Video game number two hundred and thirteen: Bejeweled Twist

Video game review number two hundred and thirteen in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Bejeweled Twist"

And finally we come to the final DS game I rented for my trip to Comic Con (and yet another I didn't have time to play while I was down there). I saved this one for last because...well..I am familiar with Bejeweled, and I knew what to expect.

This game is just your standard Bejeweled, with (surprise)...a twist. In this game, you spin blocks of four gems to match them with other blocks. Strangely enough, you can only turn them clockwise, which makes it pretty hard.

I played this one for hours...and I found it to be just as addicting as any other Bejeweled title I've played, and also more difficult in parts. One thing that I found really tough were these challenges that you'd have at the top of the screen on every level. In order, you are asked to make four different lines of four different alternating colors. To add to the difficulty, you have to do this in four moves (it's not good enough to just make sure you only make lines in that order, they have to be back to back). What this means is you have to set up all four combos, then complete them one by one, hoping nothing on the screen falls and messes up your combo. It's pretty intense.

There are endless and multiplayer modes, but I found the regular single player to be endless enough for my tastes. Perhaps you can run out of moves and die, but I never did...and by the time I shut the game off, I had been promoted several different levels, and showed no signs of ever dying. If there's a difficulty wall...I did not hit it yet.

Overall? 7/10. I like this game, I don't own a copy for my DS, but I think it's something I would buy and play on road trips and what-not. The only really "bad" thing I'll say about it is that it's not exactly exciting. It's challenging and fun...but it also becomes a little bit repetitive once you've played through 10 or 20 levels like I did.

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