Monday, July 26, 2010

Video game number two hundred and ten: Bust a Move DS

Video game review number two hundred and ten in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Bust a Move DS"

I've just finished a week-long trip to Comic Con in San Diego, so although I tried several new video games this week at the con, my plane ride home was really the first chance I had to actually dive into a new game and play it for any extended period of time. I played this particular game the minute the plane hit the magical ten thousand foot mark and I heard that ding.

Bust a Move DS is similar to previous bust a move games, in that your goal is to shoot a colored ball into other similarly colored balls, match them and pop them. In the DS version, you use the stylus to draw the path of the ball on the bottom screen, then you watch the top screen to launch it and see how you did. That's the entire game.

I've played some of these in the past (I believe they were all called "Puzzle Bobble"), and frankly...this is my least favorite one ever. I didn't think the controls were terribly precise, and I'd often miss what I thought should have been easy shots. Normally, I think the DS is built for puzzle games, but somehow...using the stylus on this one just didn't feel natural. Unfortunately, the alternate controls (aiming with the d-pad) were even worse. Forget about the diagonal shots...they were hard to do with either control scheme.

I expected to like (or maybe even love) this portable version, and of all the games I brought along on my trip to Comic Con, this is the one I thought I would have played the most. Instead, after less than an hour...I was done with it.

Overall Score? 5/10. If you must have every single version of "Bust-a-Move" (even while on the go), this might be for you, but frankly...I've played better versions of this on Xbox Live arcade, and in the actual arcade. I think I'll try the PSP version sometime later in this challenge and see how that stacks up, because the franchise itself is pretty fun.

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