Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video game number one hundred and fifty six: Ben 10 the Rise of Hex

Video game review number one hundred and fifty six in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is"Ben 10 The Rise of Hex".

I had never heard of "Ben 10" before playing this game, but apparently...he's a very popular character with the kids these days. From what I can gather, Ben is an upstanding young man, (not unlike Justin Bieber)...who can transform himself into many different aliens using his magical watch. I'm not sure if the real Justin Bieber has a watch like this or not, but if he does, I'm willing to bet that this Ben character is based on him.

Each alien you choose with the watch has a unique special power. One alien can turn into a giant dinosaur and smash things. Another can fly. One turns you into a little round hockey puck guy that hacks computers. Ben can become ten different aliens (hence the title of the game), with ten unique powers. Unfortunately, they forgot the eleventh alien: The one with the power to stop this game from sucking.

This is a terrible platformer that should have been subtitled: "Let's shovel this out to the kids before they get sick of the cartoon". I suppose that would have taken up a lot more of the screen than "The Rise of Hex".

The backgrounds are bland, the enemies are uninteresting and your weapons are puny. I know this is an arcade game, and so I shouldn't compare it to full titles...but it feels like it belongs on a Playstation or maybe a Gameboy Advance. Playing this game feels like a time warp back to 1995, only not in a good way. Instead of playing like some great Super Mario or Mega Man title from back then, this game feels more like one of the thousands of copycats that you don't remember anymore. There were lots of them, and they all sucked, just like this game.

I played through the first level (actually, not even all the way through), before switching over to survival mode to get one achievement so I could stop playing. Once my achievement popped....I immediately turned this game off, and I doubt I'll ever be playing it again. There are only so many hours in a day, I'm pretty sure that any hours you spend playing this title make the baby Jesus throw up a little.

Overall score? 4/10. If you have a kid, they'll probably like this game, and you can buy it for them. If you are a kid, you might enjoy it (although if you're a kid, why are your parents letting you roam the internet on your own?).

On the other hand, if you're not a child, well....there's nothing at all special about this game for you. It's clearly below average, and not worth a purchase. 10 years ago, this same game might have been tolerable. Today, it just feels like it's lacking. I suppose if I was bored, and every other game I owned was sounding unappealing at the time, I might pick this one up and finish it. I'll be honest and say that the chances of that happening are probably one in one hundred. Maybe one in a million. Still, in the words of the great Lloyd Christmas: "So you're sayin there's a chance."

Achievements? I could unlock them all in less than 4 hours...but the 200 points aren't appealing enough to me. Here's one I got.

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