Saturday, May 29, 2010

Video game number one hundred and thirty nine: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Video game review number one hundred and thirty nine in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Super Mario Galaxy 2".

I never finished the first Super Mario Galaxy, but I remember really enjoying it when it came out. I put this one on my Gamefly list, and it happened to ship this week (kind of impressive considering it just came out on Tuesday), so even though I generally try to beat the original of a game before playing the sequel, I figured this is a good weekend for exceptions.

30 seconds into the first level of this one, I was right back home again. I remember how to play it, what I liked about it (and what annoyed me). This is virtually the exact same game as the first one, and sometimes...that's not such a bad thing.

The game starts out (sort of) with a little side scrolling action. Mostly, this is just to warm you up to the controls, but for a brief moment...I kinda hoped the rest of the game would be this way. I always enjoyed the side scrolling marios more than Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy. I actually own the new Super Mario Wii game, but I still haven't cracked the plastic on it yet. Bought it before Christmas, and I've been saving it. And saving it. I'm going to play it when I have the proper amount of time for it, just like Bioshock 2 and a few other games I've chosen not to boot just yet.

Anyway...this game is plenty of fun. I've already beat the first few worlds. This time around, you're floating on a spaceship (shaped like Mario's head) and traveling to other worlds. You collect stars along the way, and collect "Star Bits" for fuel. I do love those star bits. Like the first one, there is a feature where a friend can help collect them for you. I need to get Heather interested in playing this one with me, but as of yet...she hasn't felt like it.

I rented this one from Gamefly, but this isn't a game you can rent. I'll play it this weekend while I have it, probably won't finish it..but in the interest of getting something new for my project, I'll eventually return it. Still, this one is a purchase for me. It's great, and I want to have it there on my shelf waiting for when I have time for it.

Overall score? 8/10. The controls aren't perfect (the world is sometimes awkward, and I'm not a fan of waggling the Wiimote to collect Star bits while I'm trying to fight things) but other than those two small complaints, this is a really good game at it's core. Not the best of the breed as far as Mario goes (that honor is still reserved for the N64 version and All Stars on the SNES)...but this is still really good.

Achievements? It's

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