Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday/Wednesday combo post

Nothing really exciting happened Tuesday or Wednesday.


Today, I went to the gym for the first time this week. Work was really busy so I didn't get there until after 6. Had leftover pizza from the trip to Seattle. Played a little EDF...hoping to get through it sometime tomorrow.


Today, I finally managed to beat the last few levels of EDF on Inferno. It was a major accomplishment, and feels very nice to be done with it. Well...except for the fact that I need to find one more weapon, but I can do that tomorrow. We also had a really large group meeting at work. There were all sorts of good snacks there, and we sat for 3 hours or so to listen to all the good news about the business. Afterwards, I headed to the gym and did a little cardio. I would have done more but my Zune was out of batteries and it's no fun doing cardio when you can't listen to music or the TVs.

Watched some TV with Heather (everything on the DVR except for the Terminator TV show which I'm just not ready for yet) then headed to bed.

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