Monday, January 21, 2008

On your left, we have....the Space Needle

Started this morning off with meetings at work, followed by more meetings....and then some lunch at my desk. Not exactly my favorite day of the week. I was pretty busy and had to try to finish everything to meet my sister and niece at the airport.

Around 230, I headed down to Boeing Field to pick them up. I arrived about 5 minutes after they got off the plane and we drove up to Seattle so we could take my niece for a trip to the Space Needle. She seemed to like it, but it was really cold up there and we didn't stay long. 16 bucks a ticket for 10 minutes. They're certainly making a killing.

We walked around the Seattle center a little, then drove over to Wallingford pizza so we could have something to eat. I parked in some 1 hour parking, and my niece watched the clock intently. She was very worried that I was going to get a ticket for some reason. Pizza was great, and afterwards we drove over to Queen Anne for some pictures at Kerry Park. I took them around the nicer neighborhoods up there, so they could see where I'd love to live someday....then I dropped them off at the airport.

Came home...finished a little more work that I had put off for this afternoon adventure, then watched some TV with Heather and went to bed.

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