Friday, April 15, 2005

Velcro just keeps on stickin

Yes, another costuming post.

Here it is 12:41am. I've spent more than half my waking hours today working on my Damn costumes for Celebration 3. That's just not normal.

The second I got off work, I was already on my way to Albertson's to buy some "Goo Gone". This particular product was needed for my Storm Trooper armor, which has got to be shiny and bright white at Celebration 3. After all, there's a chance I might run into George Lucas and I wouldn't want him to say "That armor looks like crap, son!"

That's exactly what's going to happen if I show up there with all of my velcro falling off. See, I bought this cheap velcro the first time around, and it didn't stick very well. When it starts falling off, the exposed glue from it attracts every random hair, piece of dirt or colored fabric that I walk near. It's pretty disgusting.

So I have to take off all the velcro with "Goo Gone" and then put on BETTER velcro that won't fall off. After buying the glue remover, I headed to the craft store to buy some really expensive industrial velcro. This stuff could be used to attach a truck to it's trailer if needed. Ok, maybe not, but it's pretty strong.

Anyway....I got that crap home and started trying to take off some velcro. I quickly realized, it would take about 30 minutes or more per PIECE of armor. My armor comes in about 18 pieces. There was no way I was going to finish this, and I had to go to Badger's to work on the Rebel Pilot costumes we're making for our group.

I got there, and we immediately broke the mold for the Visor we were trying to make. That threw a huge monkey wrench into things, and so we were left trying to do the odds and ends that were left besides that. I left at about 9:30, not feeling very accomplished at all. When I got home, Heather was working hard on taking the velcro off my armor, and I joined her to finish up. I got done about 12:20am and my armor is currently drying on our dish rack. It's a ridiculous site, and I did take pictures.

Tomorrow, I have to put all the armor back together and get it into it's packing crate in order to ship it to Indianapolis tomorrow night. Then, this weekend...somehow, I've got to finish my pilot costume, which now must be checked on the airplane.

I need a vacation.

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