Monday, April 11, 2005

Birthdays everywhere but none for me

This weekend was pretty darn busy. Friday night we went to Black Angus with Heather's mom for her belated birthday dinner. Not sure why it was a birthday dinner (there were no presents, no cake, and I paid) but was still a good meal.

I got a last minute invite to Jay's bachelor party on Friday, but I had already committed to a few things that completely filled my day up. They were as follows:

First, I trooped at a kid's birthday party as a favor to Jason. He's done a lot for me over the years as far as costuming goes, so when he asked if I could show up at his friend's kid's house for a party, I agreed. As much as I absolutely hate the idea of stooping to being the equivalent of the "Birthday clown", I felt beholdent enough to Jason to go, so I went. 2 hours later, I decided that my previous plan of never doing one of these was a good one, and I should continue to stick with that from now on. While some of the kids were definitely happy to see us, there were plenty of bratty ones that made the whole experience a chore that I will never do again. I'm totally up for all the charity work we do, but if I wanted to be harassed all day by beligerent kids whose parents seem determined to allow them to annoy me....I'd go be a character at Disneyland.

I had a pretty bad headache after that, so I went home and took a nap for a few hours. Heather woke me up about 6:30 to inform me that we were late for Jason's birthday party. I slowly got myself back out of bed and we headed over there. I had intended to leave that party sometime around 10pm to join Jay's bachelor party in progress, but we ended up staying until 1am.

Sunday, I got up and worked on the Star Wars room a little (maybe unpacked another 30 figs or so). While I was doing that, Ryan and Jason came over to shoot the last scene of their movie in my basement, which they promptly transformed into a police station. It was cool looking and when Jason becomes a famous director someday, my house can be on the reality tour. :-)
I was supposed to work on costumes last night, but somehow they got a late start and didn't need too much help, so I ended up watching 24.

Speaking of costumes...

Tonight, I'm going to Badger's to work some more on the Rebel Pilot stuff and we'll keep that up this week until we're done.

I also have to (at some point) fix up my trooper armor and get that all packed and ready to go. I have NO idea when I'll have time to do that, but I need to find time because I'm definitely bringing it. It needs to be ready by this Friday because it seems that a member of the infamous Road Squadron has offered to take my costume trunks along to C3 with her in her Darkside Ride. So, that means I can bring more costumes, which is always a good thing, but they all have to be fixed in 4 days, which is bad.

A week from Wednesday, my plane should be landing in Indianapolis. Wow. Months (if not years) of waiting, and it's finally almost here!

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