Monday, February 28, 2005

Still have presents left to open

I have a Christmas Present that was intended to go to my buddy Jason sometime on or around Christmas. I wrapped it, it sat under my tree and waited for a time when either he'd come by or we'd see him in Seattle. Unfortunately, Christmas came and went....and eventually so did the tree. Jason's wasn't the only present that was left sitting there decorating the empty space in my living room. My friend Andrew also has a present waiting, as does my friend Carol.

So last week I'm at a birthday party for Julie (Jason's roommate/ex-girlfriend) to which I did not want to bring Jason's present. I thought it would be weird to bring him a present at her birthday party.

Anyway, John walks in wearing none other than the Penny Arcade T-shirt I got him for Christmas, to which Jason remarks: "I have that shirt too". It was the same shirt I had also picked up for him that has been sitting on top of my television for more than 3 months now. He bought it at a convention in February.

So, I get to open it and keep it I guess. I think the same applies for both Andrew and Carol's presents if I don't see them soon enough. After all.....what's a Christmas present in March if not a sad statement that you shouldn't have bought the dang things in the first place? :-)

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