Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Day after V-day

Last night went well. We enjoyed our little dinner in, and had a nice fire to watch along with the television. I'm really surprised that with all these fires we've had I still have firewood left. I thought I would have run out by now, but there is still enough for at least a few more fires before we have to call the delivery guy again.

I snuck the gym into my lunch break today. Before I did weights I was on the cross training machine and there was a guy next to me with a personal trainer. I'm not talking about the free personal trainers that will show you how to work a machine or spot you if you need it. These are the guys you pay to help you exercise over a period of a few months. I looked it up once because I thought it might be a good motivator until I found out it was over 8000 bucks.

I wasn't wearing my headphones so I got to listen to their entire conversation. The trainer asked him how much exercise he had done since they met last week. The guy had gone walking one day, but that was about it. Sort of puts it all into perspective for me. I complain about going to the gym, and most days I go, I hate it.....but at least I'm not paying someone 8000 dollars (literally) to hold my hand for a couple of months while I'm on the treadmill for 5 minutes.

I'd rather motivate myself to go and spend that money on a nice plasma TV to watch when I'm not at the gym. Of course, the guy that has 8000 dollars to blow on a private trainer like that probably also already has the plasma TV, and he's only driving his Beamer to the gym so he won't have a heart attack when he's sleeping with his 18 year old girlfriend.

Ok, probably not, but stereotypes are so fun.

Anyway, one last note before I go back to work. I got not one, but two boxes of the little necco hearts this Valentines. How cool is THAT?

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