Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Don't call it a comeback...

Ok, so I haven't made an entry in awhile. This entire weekend was devoted to the Omegathon. I'd like to sum up the whole thing in a post right now, but I'm way too tired for that. I'll talk about the Omegathon tomorrow, but right now I just wanted to update this thing with a little post for fun.I just did the first radio show in a couple of weeks. That was a lot of fun. I had a ton of requests sitting in the email box, so I was only able to play about 10 of them or so.

Heather's Dad's birthday was today, but I had plans to go to Fado with Jason, so that's where I ended up going. John was supposed to come to, but he had to go to a play so that bastard skipped it. He sucks. :-) Jerry and Julie came along and we gave it a go on our own, but only ended up coming in 2nd or third. Maybe next week we will dominate. I think we need to get Heather down there, plus Beth and John and maybe we'll have the full team of brains that we need in addition to the regulars to put one in the "W" column.

It was a really nice evening nonetheless.

Tomorrow....I have a racquetball game after work, but other than that no plans. It's supposed to be nice and get REALLY nice for the holiday weekend. I'm sure looking forward to that.

In other news.....we're VERY close to booking the Vegas trip for my birthday! I plan to wrap that up this week. Maybe even tomorrow.


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