Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Practice makes perfect

I was just on Andy Savage's show a minute ago. I called in to do some spelling be thing, where they have a guy with a speech problem say a word and then you have to spell what it is he's trying to say. Well, I went I got to listen to a few people do it. Most of the time, he'd get it totally wrong the first time, then get progressively better as time went on. Then, on a few words....he got it right out of the gate.

So I thought he said "Electric" for my word....but he didn't. :-) He was trying to say electronic or something. Oh well.

So, I played more games to get ready for the Omegathon last night. There are only 4 days left until the 1st day of the tourney, and I'm still hoping that I'll be able to get my skills up to par by then. I think I need a lot more practice than I'm going to have time for though.

Oh use worrying about it.

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