Saturday, June 26, 2004

Late night/Early morning

Just got done working on the costumes over at Jason's house all night long. We started at about six. I took off to the hardware store to buy a bunch of stuff we needed while Burrows worked on painting our cobra helmets so we can finish up our cobra costumes. That and the chest decal is all we need to be complete. He also painted our grenades that we bought at Rite Aid for $2.00 black so they looked all cool and real.

When I got back, I had a little pizza, then worked on Heather's snowtrooper a little bit. When we get done, hopefully it will look like this:

Then, we worked on my Scout Trooper helmet. When we get done, it will hopefully look like this, sans the bike:

I'll post some comparison pictures at some point when and if we ever finish. Right's bed time. :-)

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